Hello & Happy Tuesday! A secret “hobby” of mine has always been collecting fonts. I loved using different fonts back in college for my presentations, creating flyers, and helping out with sorority graphics. Once I started my company, I found myself collecting even more for branding purposes and graphic design.

See, fonts can completely change the way a brand or website look – it’s crazy.  That’s exactly why I’m sharing my favorite fonts with you today – to hopefully spark some inspiration for your own brand!

Most of these fonts are from Jen Wagner Co. – aka my favorite girl on Creative Market! She is incredibly talented, and most of her fonts include a few logo templates and graphics. Creative Market is typically where I find most of my fonts, and although they aren’t free, they are well worth it. If I’m not buying fonts from there, I typically hand draw my own for brands I work with! You can check out one of my favorite ones here.

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