Ah websites … the thing you like updating the least, yet the thing that is the most important when targeting your ideal client. Why must it be so hard?! We’ve all been there – sitting at our desk, looking at our website that we’ve had for the past 5 years, and wondering… why isn’t this getting me new clients? I mean, it’s not that bad… but it could maybe use some help? If you’re sitting here reading this and thinking yes this is so what I’m struggling with right now! Keep reading.

Today we’re talking about 5 ways to know when your website needs a refresh. Let’s dive in.

01. Your website is pretty outdated. I mean, there’s neon colors all over the place, your font is still “Times New Roman”, it takes 5 minutes to load one page, and hello… it’s not mobile friendly. You, my dear, are in need of a website refresh. Or maybe in your case, a total overhaul. 

02. You keep getting contact requests from people who are nowhere near your targeted client. Maybe they think your style is too feminine, maybe too neutral – whatever it is, they’re the wrong type of customer. We need to fix this ASAP!

03. People love the look of your website, but won’t purchase one single darn thing! No amount of monthly views are going to pay your bills if “said client” isn’t purchasing. Your copy isn’t converting and needs to have a quick refresh to get back on track.

04. You had someone build this website for you a few years back and it just doesn’t match where your company is today. That’s okay – but it needs to be fixed!

05. Um… a website? Why do I need one of those? Well, I’m here to tell you today. You need one. Your business will absolutely not survive without a website considering just about everything is digital nowadays. It can be something as simple as a landing page – but it needs one!

Phew! Now that we have all of that information – what’s your opinion? I’d love to hear your thoughts on your website’s performance, and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to shoot me a quick DM on Instagram or email me through my inquiry page!