how to keep your brand consistent

Keeping your brand consistent is something that we can all struggle with sometimes. We find inspiration from other places and want to use different colors, fonts, themes, etc., but end up doing ourselves a disservice because it doesn’t represent anything close to your own brand! In order to help you, I’ve put together a styling guide for how to keep your brand consistent. Here are 5 helpful tips to do so:

1. Stick to your established color palette throughout all social media. Your color palette should consist of 4-6 colors you use regularly – you can view mine throughout my entire website, especially here

2. Define a few brand personality key words and utilize these while creating content. Keep in mind your target audience and your ideal client when curating these key words. A few examples could be bold, whimsical, elegant, modern, etc. 

3. Make sure your social media posts are on par in terms of the quality of your product/service. Post intentionally. My best tip for this is to never post in real time – take time to curate your captions and engage with your audience – you would be surprised at how much of a difference this will make!

4. Work with a designer to create branded templates, graphics, logos, etc. If you’re confused on what colors go best together or aren’t the best at design (I totally get it!) – hire a designer! DIY’ing it is so early 2000s… 😉 Your brand deserves to stand out on it’s own – if you’re interested in learning more you can contact us here.

5. Be yourself! Social Media is meant to be… social. Allow your personality to show and engage with others on your posts. When you consistently show up, people tend to gravitate towards you and your company because they like the person behind it. Otherwise, everything seems to be automated and robot-like. Nobody wants that!