What is Brand Design?

What is brand design? I’m sure you’ve heard this term thrown all throughout social media, but when it comes to the difference between just a logo and a full branding suite… well. What is the difference?

Your brand is so much more than just a logo – it’s the experience you give your customers, the emotion you want them to feel, it’s what makes you unique, and it’s your voice/personality. So, a full branding suite essentially helps you put all of this together in one. This here leads us into the next question – what is a branding suite and what does it include?

What Does A Branding Suite Include?

Branding suites vary from company to company, but here’s a little insight as to what ours looks like. We have different packages, but for the most part, each package includes a color palette, typography choices, a primary logo, a secondary logo, an alternative logo, and a brand style guide. It’s a collaborative process, so this includes you setting up a Pinterest inspiration board, filling out a questionnaire we send off, and hopping on a few phone calls here and there to talk through each design.

In the end, we want to make sure that your brand is crafted with you and your target client in mind. We implement market research to determine brand perception and affinity, value propositions, competitor analysis, and so much more to insure that your brand will be timeless and filled with purpose.

So… Why is it Important to Invest in Branding?

As mentioned above, branding is what makes you unique and is what will make you stand out over your competition. Investing in the right designer will allow you to be equipped with all necessary assets to serve your audience and have your brand work for you in years to come. It gives you and your business a sense of confidence, tools to grow and increase sales, and the opportunity to make a bold statement to your dream clients.

I will say, branding is one of those things that is a “you get what you pay for” kind of investment. There are many things to look for when hiring your designer as well as many things to avoid. Your branding process should be a fun experience – let’s make it happen!