Favorite fonts volume 3 is now here! These three fonts below are some of my favorite to use for design projects and throughout websites. 

These all happen to be Adobe fonts, but you can find similar versions of them on Google fonts and other free font websites. 


FreightBig Pro is one of my favorite Adobe fonts of all time. I personally think it’s a little more feminine than most, so I love to use it with all of my female entrepreneurs. 

It’s great for body text on a website or social media graphics – you really can’t go wrong with this one!


Baskerville is a favorite among a lot of designers – myself included! This one is my go-to when we need a simple, chic font for websites. 

Since Baskerville is pretty generic, the projects you can use this in are endless. I’ve seen it in funky projects, modern projects, bright and colorful projects, and monotone projects – the list goes on and on!


The final favorite in volume 3 is Didot. This font is sleek, modern, and professional – I would recommend using it in editorials or in professional presentations. 

You’ll also find this font used in a lot of lifestyle and fashion publications such as Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, which is why you may recognize it!

That’s all for now with volume 3. Stay tuned for volume 4 in the next few weeks 😉