The big “C” word … I hate even speaking it into existence but the truth is, it’s here, it’s real, and it’s time to get down to business. Does this mean we need to panic? Heck no. Panicking does no good, and will only leave you further behind in the long run. We all want to stay profitable and in good spirits – so let’s plan on doing so!

So, if you find yourself sitting at home for the next few weeks because you have to stay inside, or away from others, what are a few ways to be proactive and still get things done? I’ve come up with 5 actionable steps for you to implement in your business today, so that you’re better prepared for tomorrow. 

prepare your business for corona virus

1. Plan your content ahead of time. Start planning out Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest posts through the month of March, and even into April. The pressure of finding something to post everyday when you’re stuck at home may drive you crazy (it totally does for me sometimes!) and it takes SO much stress off of you to plan in advance. Let it be one less thing you have to worry about.

2. Plan out a few IGTV videos for the next couple of weeks. If people are sitting at home with no work to do, one of the first things they’re probably going to do is either A) turn on the TV or B) go onto social media. Give them content they can binge watch so that you’re top of mind when their next project comes around.

3. Organize all of those desktop files! We all know it’s easy to let our desktop get a mess – myself included. Trash all of those files you don’t need anymore and organize the files you do need into easy-to-find folders. You will thank yourself later, I promise 😉

4. Create a new freebie. People love freebies – especially in times where they don’t want to spend money! Take an afternoon to make it all nice and pretty and publish it to your website/Instagram within the next few days. Another thing you’ll thank yourself later for. 

5. Come up with an inexpensive digital product for others to purchase. This can be as simple as a “checklist for launching your business” or “50 Instagram caption ideas” that you sell for $10-$15. Don’t make it complicated! Passive income is a great way to help keep yourself afloat ;). Make sure it solves a problem that others have, and promote the heck out of it these next few weeks. Although businesses are telecommuting, this doesn’t mean people are completely pausing their lives. They need to stay profitable just as much as you do – give them a way to do so!

Staying home is no fun, but at least there are ways to make you time worth it. If you implement any of these into your own business, let me know over on Instagram!