the benefits of batch planning

Last year a friend of mine was talking to me about batch planning her day out – she works in a corporate setting and said that it helped her become so much more productive, to the point where she was having extra time on her hands at the end of the day! I almost didn’t believe it, but me being me, I had to try it out.

See, here’s the thing, I’ve always been into organizing and color coding and planning. But even with that in place, I sometimes felt like I wasn’t getting enough done in a day and I was too busy switching from client to client, project to project. Cue: batch planning.

So What’s Batch Planning?

Batch planning/batch working is when you divide your workflow into different sections of the day for each topic. So, for example, on Monday mornings, I always plan all of my social media client’s content in the morning. Instead of working on one client at 8, one at 9, and one at 10, I work on all 4 of my client’s instagram posts at the same time.

It sounds crazy, I know, but I’m suddenly two weeks ahead of content vs just being a day or two ahead! That’s knocked out of the park, and now I have the rest of my week to focus on branding, design, and website projects.  In addition, I also have time to eat dinner at a normal time, catch up on some Netflix, and read that new book I’ve been loving!

How Does It Actually Save Me Time?

Batch planning helps tremendously with clarity of mind. For example, with your social media content knocked out for the week, you’re able to fully put your focus on your branding clients. There’s no “oh shoot I forgot to post this!” or “ugh what am I supposed to post today” because you’ve strategically planned everything out.

With clarity of mind, you’re able to implement more strategy into your design projects as well as work at a faster pace to give you more free time at the end of your day! It’s a win-win, and will leave you feeling accomplished and at-ease with all of your projects.

Finally – How Can I Implement This Into My Schedule?

Step one is to write it all out.  Purchase a notebook or to-do list (this one is my favorite from Amazon!) and start by grouping everything into mini categories. Step two is to  prioritize each category and map out a rough time line of how long it would take your for each task.

Once this is finalized, step three is to anchor down and get to workin! Check off items as you finish them and don’t forget to take a few breaks 😉 Come back here when you’re done and let me know how it worked for you!