how to land dream clients through social media

Landing dream clients through social media sounds like… a dream… right?! I’ve been in the social media game for years and it was only last year that I finally cracked the code on how to attract my dream clients to my page. It takes some effort, a long with a lot of intentional planning, but it’s fairly simple once you get the hang of it! So, are you ready for those three ways to land your dream clients through social media? Here they are:

Create A Consistent Feed

Keeping your feed consistent is one of the top ways to attract followers and loyal customers. You can do this by using the same filter and keeping a consistent color palette (i.e. shooting products and spaces that have your color palette in them – if your color is blue, incorporate something blue or neutral in each of your photos). A good way to make sure your feed is consistent is to use some sort of planning app to plan out your feed. I typically plan a week or two in advance and arrange my photos and projects so that they all flow together. If you want to know great apps to do this, check out my freebie here.

Develop Captivating Copy

Think of your social media page like a good ol’ book. People are going to be captivated by it if you have great copy. If not… you may struggle attracting those dream clients. People want to feel heard and understood, so when coming up with your captions, put yourself in your consumers mind. What are their struggles and what do they need help with? Captivate them in the first few sentences so that they’re interested in following along!

Provide Value

As a business owner, if you aren’t providing value, you’re likely missing a HUGE market that you could be targeting (aka your dream clients). People are only interested in so much “inspiration” or “new projects”. They want to gain something from your content so give it to them! Think of what your dream client would like to learn and weave that into one of your captions. An example of this would be: if you’re a wine company trying to target a higher end market, create a post about the best high-end wines you sell and what dinners they pair best with. People may save that post for later when they’re looking to make their delicious steak dinner and need some wine suggestions to purchase!

So there you have it – three easy ways to attract your dream client to your instagram. If you’re in need for more inspiration, check out my page here!  You may just find a few ideas you can play off of 😉

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