From your signature logo to your unique footprint, invest in the success of your business through customized branding.


branding questionnaire

color inspiration palette

primary logo

secondary logo

typography styling


branding questionnaire

color inspiration palette

primary logo

multiple secondary logos


typography styling

custom pattern/illustration

full brand style guide


design add ons

social media templates | media kit | stationary | business cards | packaging

the process


step one

Let’s talk about collaborating on your brand design! Please fill out the contact form so we can schedule a FREE consult call. 


step two

After our call, I will send over a proposal & invoice. Once that is signed and sealed, I’ll deliver your “client homework” and we can get started!


step three

I will utilize your completed “client homework” to create a mood board and color palette. These will be emailed with a walk through on why everything was chosen. This step usually entails one refinement round. 


step four

Once your mood board and color palette is approved, we will move forward with your branding suite. This will be emailed along with a walk through – feedback is appreciated! This step entails up to two refinement rounds. 


step five

With your branding suite completed, I will send over all of your final files. Wohoo! If you have invested in web design, we will begin this phase now. 


A logo is typically a single graphic that represents your company as a whole.  A brand is a suite of images, logos, fonts, and colors that keeps all of your marketing efforts cohesive. With that being said, you can view a logo as a single element within a brand.

Great question! We always send over a questionnaire to start out with – from there you’ll create a shared Pinterest board of any inspiration images. If you are unsure of what you want, we are more than happy to help you build something from the ground up.